Marketing Mix studies

Even for the most promising product or service, defining the mix is key!
KOS goes beyond performance measurement and offers you the best combination of precise tools to optimise your mix and put all the chances on your side
Whether it’s determining the ideal price, the best pack, the most impactful claims or building the optimal range, we have developed robust and highly operational approaches.

Our approaches

  • Determine the optimal price, the threshold price, the price sensitivity for a product, a concept, a service
    For the product/concept itself and in relation to its competitive universe
  • Identify the best performing and most suitable offer, in line with consumer expectations, by determining the high potential products in the construction of a range
  • Validate the functional indicators of the pack before launch: its impact, its incentive value, the perceived image
  • Identify, from a list of claims or allegations, those that have the greatest impact on the act of purchasing

Would you like to carry out mix studies or other approaches to optimise your mix?