Strategic studies

Beyond tactical studies on products or services, KOS Research helps you to achieve your strategic objectives:
Better understand the evolution of your market and your current and future consumers
Identify unmet needs and the most promising areas for development
Fine tune your targeting strategies
Measure the attractiveness of your brand and identify its strengths and weaknesses, to better manage your brand and communication

Usage & attitude Surveys (U&A)

Increase the relevance of your marketing and communication actions thanks to more precise targeting. Thanks to its combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches, KOS Research offers you an in-depth view of your targets:

  • Creation of personas and typology
  • Identification of need states
  • Quantitative Usage & Attitude studies, enriched by qualitative insights where relevant
  • Quantify behaviour and cross-reference data to identify consumer groups with common characteristics
  • Segmenting according to preferences, a necessity to highlight disparities according to the profiles identified
  • Establish ‘identity cards’ for these groups of individuals

Exploratory Insight Research

Do you need to discover new sources of growth in your universe? Enter new markets? To get to know your customers and consumers better? KOS offers a range of qualitative approaches to go further:

  • Insight research: “from scratch”, ethnographic observation, interviews with lead users and trendsetters
  • Video ethnographic studies: at home, at work, on the road, travelling…
  • Exploratory blogs to better monitor behaviour over time
  • Integration of experts (semiologists, ethologists, ergonomists, etc.) to complete the non-verbal dimensions

Brand strength
Image assessment

With volatile consumers, the perception of brands is now changing at high speed! KOS helps you to take stock of your brand, to better identify your strengths and weaknesses and to identify your optimisation levers. Some of our tools:

  • Qualitative brand background (your brand in its competitive environment)
  • Image assessment and qualitative communication studies
  • Mapping of the brand and its competitive universe, identification of the brand’s footprints, establishment of distances and proximities on the characteristics specific to its universe

Satisfaction and image barometers

Track and monitor your brand’s customer and consumer experience with our satisfaction and image barometers:

  • Integration of our Emotiscore (top of mind emotional measurement)
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • CES (Costumer Effort Score)

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