Product and concept research

Product and concept studies have been at the heart of KOS Research’s offer since its inception
We help you develop, test and optimize your products or services, from the first prototype to the final product.
We combine our human resources (marketing & sensory experts) and technical resources (consumer panels, analysis laboratories, online tools)
KOS always offers you the most suitable approach and precise, highly operational results.

Product Testing
Concept Testing

Need feedback on your new products, services or concepts? Identify the winning track? KOS offers you its testing and coaching know-how to ensure their success.

Some approaches:

  • Concept workshop: writing and/or adjusting concepts
  • Screening of concepts or products
  • Recipe/concept optimisation
  • Barometer for monitoring the performance of recipes with raw material variability
  • Concept-product mix assessment: a mandatory fit before any product launch
  • Concept testing, product testing with tasting – in groups or in CLT or HUT
  • Online Home Use Communities to test the appropriation of products in the long term and in the real context

Sensory Testing
Organoleptic Testing
Use Test

Whether in a dedicated room, a standardised laboratory or at home, our sensory analysts and consumer experts provide you with product performance results that are as close as possible to the real experience!

Our main approaches:

  • Product profiling: mapping product descriptors for evaluation by expert panels or naïve consumers
  • Descriptor research (qual), to create or update the battery of specific descriptors
  • Evaluation of product preferences as well as organoleptic diagnosis on all sensory dimensions and linking the data in order to identify areas for optimisation and their priority in the reworking of recipe formulas
  • Focus groups with tasting: to explore perceptions but also the adequacy between sensory perception and imaginary concept
  • Home Use Communities: qualitative home use testing
  • Home use testing, a method of collection rich in customer experience, a dive into the heart of consumers’ daily lives

Do you want to carry out sensory tests, product tests, concept tests or other product research approaches?